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Lisa Madigan: Rahm Emanuel For Chicago Mayor 'A Little Premature'; She Won't Run

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Attorney General Lisa Madigan was cautious when responding Tuesday to speculation surrounding the future of Chicago's mayor.

When she was asked about the prospect of Rahm Emanuel for Mayor, the Illinois attorney general said it was "a little premature for people to decide what's going on." Emanuel has said that he wouldn't run against incumbent Mayor Daley, and Daley has yet to decide if he's seeking re-election in 2011.

Madigan herself has been discussed for Chicago's next mayor, much as she's been discussed for Illinois senator and Supreme Court justice. But again, in typical (Lisa) Madigan fashion, she demurred.

When a reporter said to her, "I've heard your name as well," she replied, "Not from me, you haven't."

"I'm very happy to have the privilege and opportunity to serve as your attorney general," Madigan continued.

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