06/21/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Scott Lee Cohen Wants To Run For Governor, Quinn Not Concerned

After some speculation, it turns out embattled former lieutenant governor nominee Scott Lee Cohen did meet with Illinois Democratic Party chair Michael Madigan this week--and is planning to run for governor as an independent.

Gov. Pat Quinn responded to the news Tuesday, telling reporters if Cohen can get the signatures, he should go for it.

"If you can get the signatures - and it's a healthy number - you can do whatever you want," Quinn told the Daily Herald. "The people decide."

Quinn added that he ran into Cohen at a recent White Sox game, where Cohen hinted he would be running.

"He told me to get ready for a big surprise," Quinn said, according to the Pantagraph. "I guess that's it, huh?"

The Daily Herald reports that Madigan met with Cohen Saturday. Cohen reportedly told Madigan he will run for governor as an independent.

Madigan spokesman Steve Brown said Madigan told Cohen he'd be supporting the Democratic ticket.

Cohen won the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor in February, but dropped out days later after allegations of domestic violence, forcible sex and steroid abuse surfaced.

If Cohen does want to run, he has until June 21 to file a petition with 25,000 signatures to make it on the November ballot.

As of Wednesday, carries a "Coming Soon" banner.