"BEST FOOD EVER": TLC's New John Goodman-Narrated Food Series

06/22/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

TLC has just announced a new six-part series: "Best Food Ever," a "cross-country culinary tour" that will be narrated by John Goodman.

Premiering Monday, May 3, the show will:

Locate the USA's tastiest treasures to discover the brains behind the mouthwatering methods and innovative ingredients used in each amazing meal. Each episode of BEST FOOD EVER will count down the country's top ten food destinations in a specific category, highlighting what makes them the best and exactly who is behind these delectable dishes, while also hearing from the foodies that help propel these establishments into our ranking.

The press release describes the premiere episode, "Sensational Sandwiches," thusly:

There are mountains of meat in New Jersey that rack over a foot high and feed an entire family... portable almond encrusted chicken perfections in Austin, made accessible in a cone... Philly style upscale one-hundred dollar cheese-steaks made from prime Kobe beef... and down-home rib-sticking hotdog, tamale, and chili sandwiches made famous in Chicago for bringing as much heartburn pleasure as your mother-in-law. This is a hearty road trip crafted with every palette in mind!

The additional five episodes are:

  • "Bodacious Bakeries"
  • "Fab Food Carts"
  • "Darn Good Diners"
  • "Crazy For Cheese"
  • "Buzzworthy BBQ"

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