06/22/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

David Remnick Interviewed About Rise Of Obama, Future Of New Yorker (VIDEO)

New Yorker Editor David Remnick, who's promoting his book on President Obama, "The Bridge," recorded a long and wide-ranging interview with Big Think. Among the topics considered are the swift rise of Obama and the future of the New Yorker magazine.

Despite being very impressed with Obama's speech at the 2004 convention, Reminck confessed that "there's no way in the world I thought he would be a presidential candidate in 2008, much less a successful one."

Regarding the future of the New Yorker, Remnick has no intention of changing the formula and composition of the magazine as it is now. He will be as "nimble" as he can in adapting how readers receive the magazine's content during this turbulent time for the media, but the core of the magazine will remain the same:

My idea of the New Yorker, as long as I'm there, is that we're not going to change who we are, no matter what the delivery systems are, no matter what the means of reading us. We are about reading. We're about long form journalism, analysis, humor, fiction, poetry, a sense of delight, a sense of seriousness when it's appropriate.

Check out the full interview, which is helpfully broken down into sections by topic, for more, including "the impending Israel-Palestine disaster," "blogging vs. journalism," "how he writes," and, perhaps most importantly, "what's the deal with New Yorker cartoons?" (Is "Seinfeld" right after all...)