GOP Raised Wall Street Cash During Obama's Cooper Union Speech

06/22/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

From HuffPost Hill newsletter:

HuffPost's Arthur Delaney from the front lines of our Republic's slow rot:

While President Obama begged Wall Street to play along with financial regulatory reform, Senate Republican leaders hobnobbed with lobbyists at a lunchtime fundraiser. Ostensibly, the fundraiser was for Sen. George LeMieux, the Florida Republican appointed by Gov. Charlie Crist to keep the seat warm for Senate candidate Charlie Crist. LeMieux is not running himself. ThinkProgress bloggerLee Fang noticed that LeMieux rolled up in a car with a Crist bumper sticker. Also spotted: Sen. John Cornyn; Sen. Richard Burr; and superlobbyist Charlie Black.

No sign of invitees Mitch McConnell or John McCain, but it's possible they somehow escaped the notice of the several reporters staking out the front door. The Democratic National Committee sent a camcorder guy who seemed to be zooming in on every single person who entered the building. The lobbyists mentioned on the invite boast a wide range of clients, including many in the financial services industry.

WATCH: ThinkProgress catches up with fundraiser attendees: