06/22/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Michael Bennet Slams Tea Party's "Nihilistic Vision Of The United States" (AUDIO)

In a recorded conversation at an LGTB event in Denver, Colorado Senator Michael Bennet slammed Tea Party activists' views on government as "ludicrous," "appalling" and "nihilistic."

Expanding upon comments regarding Colorado's TABOR laws, which severely limits the resources available to state government, Bennet launched into a broader philosophical debate in which he expressed dismay at a philosophy that he feels lacks a sense of "responsibility to the next generation."

Bennet described the commitment of past generations of Americans to investing in the country's future, and deplored an ideology that opposes such commitment.

"Who do you think built the road that you traveled here on? Who do you think built the bridges and the sewers and the waste-water systems and invested in the higher education system that we now have. They built that stuff from scratch!... Our parents and our grandparents. And we can't even maintain it?!"

Bennet called "appalling" the "nihilistic" idea that we would "enjoy the benefits that other people have conferred on us and not provide that for the people coming after us."