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Mike Peisach, Penn Freshman, Recreates Shelby Cobra And Sells For $110,000

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University of Pennsylvania student Mike Peisach is making a name for himself as an entrepreneur before finishing his freshman year of college.

The Daily Pennsylvanian

At the beginning of his sophomore year in high school, Peisach, an Engineering freshman, embarked on a mission to recreate the Shelby Cobra, a British-built-and-designed car from the 1960s. By the end of his senior year, he finished and then auctioned the car off for $111,000.

The original car was considered "the best car of its time," said Peisach, as it was "extremely fast, stylish and sexy. A classic car."

Peisach worked on the car for two years with help of a $60,000 investment from an Argentinian businessman. He told the Pennsylvanian that he had a "really hard time" selling the car.

As socially-minded as he is inventive, Peisach gave his earnings to Endeavor, a group that provides support to young entrepreneurs.