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Brooke Shields On Her 1980 Calvin Klein Campaign: 'I'm Still Kind Of Shocked' (VIDEO)

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Brooke Shields talked to the New York Post about her memorable style moments, including her 1980 campaign for Calvin Klein jeans, when she was 15 years old:

"I look at these pictures now and I still am sort of shocked that they became so legendary. For me, it was just a huge job I went to after school at 3 o'clock. The one with my leg up, I just remember my arm hurting. You can't plan on being iconic."

She added:

"The controversy [over declaring, 'You wanna know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.'] didn't surprise me because I'd had experience with it since I was 11. The pants came above my belly button--even the one with my shirt open, you didn't see anything. Compared to the things I'd done before, this was like being in winter gear."

Check out her famous Calvin Klein commercial:

And here's another one:

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