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Lost iPhone Investigation (UPDATED): Gizmodo Editor Jason Chen's Home Searched And Computers Seized

Huffington Post/AP   First Posted: 06/26/10 06:12 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 05:15 PM ET

*We'll be updating the slideshow below with the latest updates on the iPhone probe as they come in*
SEATTLE (AP) -- Police have launched an investigation into the loss of an iPhone prototype and its sale to the tech blog Gizmodo.

Last week Gizmodo had one of the Web's hottest scoops when it posted photos of an Apple device that appeared to be a next-generation iPhone. It had been found in a bar in Redwood City and sold for $5,000 by an unknown person to Gizmodo, a gadget blog owned by Gawker Media Inc. After Chen posted photos and details about the phone, Apple acknowledged the device belonged to the company, and Gizmodo returned it. (Read Gizmodo's account of "How Apple Lost the Next iPhone.")

Authorities seized computers, digital cameras, a cell phone and other items from a technology blog editor who posted pictures and details of a lost iPhone prototype. A computer-crime task force made up of multiple law enforcement agencies searched Gizmodo editor and blogger Jason Chen's house and car. The warrant, issued by a Superior Court judge in San Mateo County, said the computers and other devices may have been used to commit a felony.

Read the most recent news and developments in the slideshow below.

REVEALED: Man Who Found And Sold Missing iPhone
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Brian J. Hogan, a 21-year-old college student, has been unmasked as the man who found and then later sold Apple's iPhone prototype.

Yahoo writes,
Hogan has now lawyered up, and in a statement released through his attorney, the young man says he "regrets his mistake in not doing more to return the phone," and that he thought his $5,000 deal with Gizmodo was only "so that they could review the phone," Wired reports.

According to Hogan's attorney's statement, Hogan didn't see the lost iPhone until another patron at the Redwood City bar came up and asked him if it was his; Hogan apparently then asked a few other patrons if they'd lost the device before heading out, iPhone in hand, according to Wired.

Gizmodo claimed that Hogan contacted Apple directly in an effort to return the lost phone, but Hogan's lawyer has offered a different version of events. The attorney says that an acquaintance of Hogan's volunteered to phone Apple Care to notify them of the lost iPhone, but that this was "apparently...the extent of Hogan’s efforts to return the phone."

Read more on Wired here.

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