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Gwyneth Paltrow 'Going Crazy' After Fried Food Binge

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In another life Gwyneth Paltrow would be a restauranteur, according to the Press Association.

"I think I would have a restaurant, I would be growing food or cooking food - I cook everything, a lot of American food, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, I make bread and fresh pasta... and I'm all about French cheese," she said.

Gwyneth recently had to gorge herself on fried food to play a country singer in the movie 'Love Don't Let Me Down.' Now she is trying to reverse the damage.

"The director did not want me to have muscles so I was eating whatever I wanted, tons of alcohol and fried foods - it was great," she said. "I've been going crazy now to get back into shape. Now I'm sort of into balance - that's my thing - I don't think that fried food is good for you, but life is short. I make my French fries home made."

One of her tricks to staying slim and young?

"Not eating processed foods is huge - I think processed foods really make you age," she said.

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