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Michelle Obama Paints Butterflies, Gardens With School Kids (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 06/30/2010 5:12 am   Updated: 05/25/2011 4:20 pm

Michelle Obama joined a group of congressional spouses at Marie H. Reed Learning Center in Washington on Thursday to paint murals of butterflies and flowers around a courtyard. They also helped plant a vegetable plot and a butterfly garden.

She told the group "It's so good that everybody has made a commitment to step out of our tea dresses and away from the crystal and to roll up our sleeves and be ready to paint and to get a little dirty." The first lady wore cropped pants, a turquoise cardigan and purple sneakers.

Mrs. Obama also joked that she and the congressional spouses were "not necessarily artistic people."

She topped off the mural by writing "Dream Big Dreams. Michelle Obama."

Photos by AP and Getty.

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Filed by Anya Strzemien  |