Male Mannequins Being Made Skinnier And Skinnier

07/03/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

As women's designers continue to embrace and produce plus-size fashions, the menswear side of the industry has slimmed down. According to New York Magazine, British mannequin maker Rootstein has debuted its latest male mannequin, the "Homme Nouveau" having a 35-inch chest and a 27-inch waist.

How does the Homme Nouveau stack up against past Rootstein models?

Dimensions of Rootstein's Male Mannequins:
THE CLASSIC: 1967, 42" chest, 33" waist
THE MUSCLEMAN: 1983, 41" chest, 31" waist
THE SWIMMER: 1994, 38" chest, 28" waist

New York Mag also mentions that the average waist size of an American man in 2006 was 39.7 inches, while the largest waist size of American Apparel's spandex-cotton denim Slim Slack is 33 inches. Time to trim the fat? Or to get real?

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