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Keith Sadler: Ohio Man Facing Foreclosure Locks Self In Home (VIDEO)

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STONY RIDGE (AP) -- A northern Ohio man who is being evicted from his home locked himself inside and is vowing to stay until a moratorium is declared on foreclosures.

The man along with five members of a group called the Toledo Foreclosure Defense League began their show of defiance Sunday.

Keith Sadler says he's done everything he can to save his home near Bowling Green, but lenders won't work with him.

He says he got behind on his mortgage last year after he had surgery and lost his job.

Sadler said he's lived in the home for 20 years and has a lot of work and memories in it.

The county sheriff says he's given Sadler extra time to get things settled and that he has no choice but to evict him.

WATCH Fox Toledo's report:

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