'Joe The Plumber' Elected: Samuel Wurzelbacher Becomes GOP Committeeman In Ohio County

07/05/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) -- The man known as Joe the Plumber is now an elected official in Ohio.

Samuel Wurzelbacher, who was hailed by Republican John McCain's presidential campaign in 2008, has won a seat on a GOP committee in his hometown.

He'll be one of nearly 400 committee members who oversee the Republican Party in northwest Ohio's Lucas County. The group elects the county chairman and sets the party agenda.

Wurzelbacher won a spot on the committee by a 38-23 vote Tuesday in his suburban Toledo precinct.

He became an overnight sensation almost two years ago after questioning then-presidential candidate Barack Obama about his economic policies.

Since then, he's written a book and spoken to conservative gatherings, including a tea party rally last month in Cincinnati.

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