Get Hatched: Teri Hatcher Talks Marathon Sex, Saggy Breasts, Cellulite On New Site

05/11/2010 03:15 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Teri Hatcher has launched a lifestyle website called Get Hatched. Unlike GOOP, it doesn't advocate any extreme detox or exercise regimens, and beauty tips are more along the lines of drink more water or try a new shade of nail polish. Teri also talks about balancing it all as a working single mom.

"GetHatched is about finding your way to the ME part without getting lost along the way. My desire is to be able to reach women, lots of women, and supply just the right boost they might need on any given day," she writes.

Through pictures, Teri shows her readers every step of her day, from where she showers to what she makes herself eat on the 'Desperate Housewives' set to what she looks like reading in bed without makeup. She also gives some empowering body talk:

It's about embracing that as a woman, I'm not just defined by my form, if my breasts sag or if there is any cellulite on the back on my legs, if my knees and elbows have droopy skin or how many wrinkles I can find on my face... I work in an industry that seems to care a lot about all of this, and frankly makes lots of money off making everyone in the country care, too.

WATCH Teri & friends debate whether they'd rather have eight hours of sleep or great sex: