Berlusconi Loses $105 Million Villa In Divorce

05/12/2010 04:08 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

By Michael Day, The Independent

Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi, who was accused by his estranged wife Veronica Lario of "consorting with minors", has agreed to hand over the keys to a £70m villa in order to avoid a messy divorce battle, it has emerged.

News of the deal came after a five-hour face-to-face meeting between the couple in Milan at the weekend, after which the lawyers of both sides said they were "satisfied". Ms Lario, 53, a former actress, is said to be extremely attached to Villa Belvedere in Macherio near Milan, where she lives with their three children.

In return for the property, valued at around €78m, Ms Lario is prepared to accept a greatly reduced monthly payment, according to Italian newspapers. She had asked for €3.5m a month when the two sides met in January. But Mr Berlusconi, whose fortune has been estimated at £7bn, refused, saying he was prepared to pay at most €300,000 a month. That meeting lasted only 20 minutes.

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