05/18/2010 12:33 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Did Bruce Springsteen Stay At The "Jersey Shore" House? (VIDEO)

While the wattage of the stars of "Jersey Shore" may be dimming, their infamous Seaside Heights home is still a hot property.

The Italian-themed home has become a must-visit tourist destination for reality show fans and sunbathers alike. Even celebrities are paying their respects to the house that The Situation Built.

According to the town's Chief of Police Thomas Boyd, the Italian-themed house has seen "a lot of VIPs that people would never believe." Boyd says that "all the head executives of Google" rented the house recently, and that even Bruce Springsteen has come through town.

What's more, when asked by a reporter if the Boss ever stayed at the house Boyd gave a sly-wink between unconvincing denials.

So, did the Garden State's most famous resident really crash in Snooki's leftovers?

Either way let's hope Springsteen is up on his vaccinations.

WATCH the video and tell us if you think the Boss rented the house:

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