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Joe Biden Sends 'F-Bomb' Apology Letter To Kentucky Teen Brandon Halcomb

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Brandon Halcomb, a Kentucky high school student, recently received a letter of apology from Vice President Joe Biden, according to Kentucky's WYMT news.

The vice president wrote to apologize for saying that health care reform was "a big fucking deal":

In the letter to Brandon, Vice President Joe Biden says, "I should have expressed my excitement in a more appropriate manner." Brandon says this is not a direct apology.

"It was not really an apology, but that's as close to an apology as I will be receiving," said Brandon.

Biden wrote to Halcomb after the teen sent an open letter to him about his swearing.

The LA Times published part of Halcomb's letter to Biden:

"It was wrong for you to have used such vulgarity in a public place, let alone at the taxpayers expense as you celebrated such an awesome landmark with our President. However, Vice-President Biden, to me, you cheapened that occasion with such tastelessness while congratulating the President on this event."

WATCH: Biden's slip

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