Fox News Wins 2010 Super Tuesday Primary Coverage

05/20/2010 08:49 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Fox News easily won Tuesday night's coverage of the Super Tuesday primary elections.

From 7PM-12AM, the network averaged 2.111 million total viewers (538,000 A25-54 viewers). MSNBC came in second with 879,000 total viewers (223,000 A25-54 viewers), and CNN placed third with 556,000 total viewers (177,000 A25-54 viewers).

TV critic David Zurawik notes that Tuesday's coverage on Fox News also brought out a new Sarah Palin, in the Alaska studio Fox built for her, and that Palin "never sounded better in her new role."

Zurawik writes:

She looked relaxed, she made her points, and the distance suggested by the contrast in settings made her seem "small" enough on-screen so that Hannity didn't look like he was about to genuflect or get whiplash from nodding in agreement every time she opened her mouth.

I think this is case where the money was well spent on creating a set to make Palin feel happy and calm. It was a daring idea to let her be herself in a small remote studio in Alaska instead of an high-powered commentator in a blue blazer sitting in a New York studio -- in spite of the conventions of 24/7 cable TV. The Fox News executive who made this call made a good one, and I suspect the ratings are going to continue to reflect that.

Fox News built Palin a studio in her Alaska home to facilitate her appearances on the network.

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