05/20/2010 10:06 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Peter Soronen Talks Michelle Obama's State Dinner Dress, Wants To Makeover Elena Kagan (PHOTOS, POLL)

"It's already been extremely exciting sitting at computer today," designer Peter Soronen told the Huffington Post this morning. Soronen, who crafted the shimmery blue gown that Michelle Obama wore to last night's State Dinner, is a veritable FLOTUS-dressing veteran.

"I think this is the fourth gown I've made for her, but I've made a few dresses too," he said. Soronen made this particular dress about three weeks ago as requested by Ikram Goldman, the First Lady's unofficial stylist, and "she hinted that it was for the First Lady but I really didn't know that she was going to wear it until I got a phone call that someone saw her in it."

Check out the gowns Soronen has designed for Michelle and scroll down to keep reading!

Goldman gave Soronen two different color types and he chose the blue. She also specifically asked for it to be one-shouldered.

"It continues to be a trend," Soronen explained.

So what's next for Michelle? Soronen said he'd like to make some cocktail dresses...and maybe grab a few drinks with FLOTUS. He's put in a request to meet her and delivered messages to her via Goldman.

We also couldn't resist asking which politico needs a Soronen-style makeover. The designer had an interesting answer.

"Elena Kagan!" He remarked. "I think she needs a little something in the fashion department, something that is not a suit. She needs to wear a dress and be feminized up."

Soronen would select something that would compliment her hair.

"She'd look best in warmer brown tones or pastels," he said.