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Ken Cuccinelli: VA Attorney General A Foe Of Universities?

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Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II is quickly gaining a reputation as a political antagonist to the state's college campuses.

Cuccinelli (R), in office since January, has already twice taken stands bound to enrage the fiercely independent and largely liberal universities by first challenging university policies that bar discrimination against gays and lesbians and then using a civil subpoena to demand documents from a former University of Virginia professor known his scientific work on global warming Cuccinelli says he's investigating the possible fraudulent use of public funds.

In so doing, the attorney general has turned his feisty attentions to a target that has long vexed conservatives. For many, college campuses are the home of liberal elites, places that claim to value academic freedom but instead demand allegiance to left-wing views and pass them on to students.

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