05/22/2010 01:56 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Chicago LOSERS Of The Week (PHOTOS, POLL)

Another week, another crop of losers. From hockey to (what else) politics, there were losers all over the place this week. Though a missed goal might be easier to recover from than a televised nonsensical rant. Below, check out this week's list of Chicago losers, and vote on who you think is the week's biggest loser. And check out the Chicago Winners of the Week HERE.


Mayor Daley

What started out as a pretty good week for the mayor--launching Chicago's Career Tech to get middle class Chicagoans back to work--ended with an embarrassing and telling encounter with a reporter (see "Winners" list for more on him). It is understandable that Daley wants to have control over guns in Chicago--and no one wants more illegal guns on the street. But the failure to address the underlying cause of the city's spike in violence, and blaming reporters for asking real questions, is not getting anyone anywhere. Cutting the waste in city spending and investing in more police and more anti-violence programs would probably be more effective than the gun ban--which appears to be quite ineffective.

San Jose Sharks

Since we didn't want to bore you with another week of the Blackhawks on the "Winners" list, we decided to highlight the team they beat three times on the "Losers" list. The streets erupted in screams of joy Friday night when the Hawks beat the Sharks. Which is really too bad for them.

Toni Preckwinkle

As Rich Miller from the Capitol Fax blog said, Toni Preckwinkle never said she would reverse Todd Stroger's controversial tax hike right away--but her comments this week that it would be years until the hike can be overturned left some voters with a bad taste in their mouth. Sometimes when you spend an entire campaign harping on an issue that is near and dear to voters, they expect that, if elected, you will take fast action. And perhaps a "phase out" plan was in place all along, but that should be made clear to voters who don't religiously follow county and state politics.

Jason Plummer

Republican lieutenant governor candidate Jason Plummer does not want to release his tax returns. The candidate, who is already viewed by many to be an inexperienced resume-inflator, says his financial situation "shouldn't matter" to voters. Really? What should matter to voters, Mr. Plummer? Illinois has continually been plagued by dishonest politicians who use their office for some sort of personal gain. Excuse us for wanting to know where our elected officials are coming from--where they make their money, if they owe big companies a vote or two, if they will pass laws to benefit themselves or their families. As the Pantagraph editorial board wrote this week: "The income tax returns of candidates for national or statewide office are not a 'distraction' from the issues; they are an issue."