Harvard Students Make 'Free Adam Wheeler' T-Shirts

05/22/2010 12:02 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Some entrepreneurial Harvard students are hoping to at least "break even" on Harvard Grifter Adam Wheeler's infamy by selling T-shirts that plead for his freedom.

The Harvard Crimson's Fly By Blog reports:

James A. McFadden '10, one of the creators of the "Free Adam Wheeler" T-shirt enterprise, said the idea came to him and his blockmates out of boredom while sitting in the Greenhouse Cafe and watching news interviews about the Wheeler scandal. McFadden said the inspiration to make T-shirts was partly this "extremely ridiculous" media coverage.

"We thought that T-shirts were a good way to make a profit," said McFadden. "But we decided it was just important to break even and get his cause out there," he joked.

So far, the group has sold "about ten" shirts. They're going for $15 a pop -- $5 if you provide the shirt (they'll iron on the decal for you).

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