05/23/2010 09:55 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

LOST Finale: Live Reactions

Tonight marked the series finale for ABC's hit show, LOST. The series, which premiered in September 2004, followed a group of castaways, stranded on an enigmatic island after a plane crash in the pilot episode. Tonight's finale electrified the Twittersphere, with prognostications from ardent fans and stubborn abstainers alike. Here's what the critics said, and check below for real-time reactions to the LOST finale!

  • Noel Murray on The A.V. Club examines whether the episode works on numerous levels. He writes "As much as I dug the first 2:15 of the episode though, I confess that I’m still struggling with the end of 'The End.'”
  • LA Times says of the episode "A riveting series' finale fails to top the six seasons that preceded it. But then, it was always about the journey."
  • EW reports that the ratings for the finale were "solid, not spectactular."
  • USA Today called the finale "earnest and hopeful," but conceded that, "If you were looking for explanations for every twist and turn, you didn't get them."
  • The AP said of the conclusion: "Not clear, but challenged. And not so much lost as reassured."
  • Jeff Jensen at Entertainment Weekly wrote that it was an "emotionally draining epic that had me crying with almost every single 'awakening.'"
  • The New York Times declared the ending "gauzy, vaguely religious, more than a little mawkish."