05/24/2010 10:22 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Karen Elson Talks Stage Fright, Poses With Husband Jack White For First Time (PHOTOS)

Vogue caught up with model-turned-musician Karen Elson and her husband, White Stripes guitarist Jack White to talk about Elson's debut album "The Ghost Who Walks."

Although Elson was no stranger to the public eye--and had a deep love of music since her youth--she still suffered from intense stage fright at her first-ever solo performance at SXSW in Texas.

Elson describes the confab as "like London, New York, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks all put together, with every musician, band, act, record label, manager, whatever--they're all there. So it's quite daunting, to be honest, and I was terrified because I thought, God, now I've really got to make this legitimate. I felt like they were all sitting in the audience thinking, Come on, model, sing." Still, she finds performing exhilarating. "As scary as it is, I like making real, direct eye contact with people from the stage. In a sense it's like modeling: that feeling of locking in and projecting some kind of emotion to try to captivate people." Tonight she will perform at Le Poisson Rouge in the West Village in front of an even more intimidating crowd: New York Times critics, fashion editors, and the muckety-mucks from Spin and Rolling Stone.

White remarked that he was overwhelmed when he finally heard the songs Elson planned to put on her album:

"I would sit with the band in the studio, waiting for her to bring in the next song, and with each new one I would smile because it was always something different than the last. When it comes to music, Karen is a complete natural; it pours right out of her."

Check out some images of Elson and White from their first photo shoot together, shot by Annie Leibovitz: