05/24/2010 09:28 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Lindsay Lohan CRIES Over Missing Brother's Graduation For Court (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan, who is due in court Monday morning in LA, sat down for an interview with Hollywood.TV on Sunday to say she is clean and doesn't need rehab or jail time.

"I don't see why I would even have to do that considering I've been in compliance with everything that occurs when you're in a course for DUI's," she said. "You go through the process of going to the classes and there's many other things that go with that. And I don't see why that would even be a question, the only person that suggested such things is my father who clearly isn't sane."

She also insisted that her passport, among other things, was stolen in Cannes and the cocaine photo was a set-up ("I thought I was taking a picture with a fan.")

"I wasn't partying in Cannes, I was there for work," she said. Lindsay was photographed in French nightclubs during the wee hours several nights last week.

Towards the end Lindsay gets teary when talking about having to miss her brother's graduation for court.

"It's sucks," she said. "It's horrible."

Lindsay was supposed to have completed 13 alcohol education classes by her original court date last Thursday. She has completed ten. Sources tell TMZ she is "freaked out" that the judge will make her wear a SCRAM bracelet and prevent her from drinking or doing drugs.