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Azureus Rising: Ninja Cyborg TRAILER Will Blow You Away (VIDEO)

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Black Sun Entertainment, a company we heard about for the first time today, has posted an incredible proof of concept trailer for a new animated movie trilogy called "Azureus Rising." This had better get made.

The animation is fantastic, and the storyline involves some kind of ninja cyborg (cybrid?) doing exactly what you want him to be doing.

Black Sun Entertainment posted this plot description on its YouTube page:

Azureus Rising is the proof-of-concept for an all new feature film trilogy. Azureus is the story of a young man who after escaping death and enduring a life changing journey - matures into a heroic freedom fighter. Azureus Rising is an epic tale of self discovery, obligation and love against all odds.

We're sold. Check out their website for more. Let us know what you think in the comments.


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