Cynthia Nixon 'Horrified' Over 'Homophobic' Newsweek Article (VIDEO)

05/27/2010 09:15 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Since Ramin Setoodeh wrote an article in Newsweek last month criticizing Sean Hayes' performance in 'Promises, Promises' because gays can't play straight, he has been met with a chorus of protest and people are still weighing in.

Cynthia Nixon, who is gay and best known for her decade-plus role as (straight) Miranda Hobbes on 'Sex and the City,' also takes issue with Setoodeh's comments.

"I was horrified," she told CBS News. "I was just horrified. I mean, look, there have been gay actors playing straight characters as long as there has been a Hollywood. And you know, maybe the general public didn't know that they were gay. But they were very convincing. And, you know, we're actors. You know. Sometimes we play astronauts. We're not astronauts. You know.

"I mean, like it's not such a stretch. And I feel like at a time when people are feeling more and more secure about coming out, this kind of thing just sends people running back in the closet. It's just so harmful."