05/27/2010 12:40 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tae Tae Davis, Seventh-Grade Student, Brings Art Projects To Local Homeless Kids

Last year, Florida student Taylor "Tae Tae" Davis made it her mission to secure donated art supplies to keep art classes going at her middle school. Now, she has expanded her reach -- starting a nonprofit organization to provide art programs to local homeless youth.

Through her nonprofit, The Traveling Canvas, Tae Tae raises funds to do art projects with the homeless children and teens living at the Community Partnership for Homeless Center.

On May 15, the Palmetto Bay News reports Tae Tae spent her afternoon painting and making jewelry with a group of homeless youth. Tae Tae also presented each participant with gifts of journals and hand-painted pillowcases.

Tae Tae' mother explains,

"She wants each one of them to know that they are very special. She also wants them to have an opportunity of self expression through art. When Tae Tae paints, she escapes from everything around her."

Tae Tae hopes to continue her art projects at the homeless shelter each month and is washing cars in her neighborhood to raise funds to help her meet her goal. She is also working with Florida art supply companies to find sponsors for her school's magnet art program for the upcoming school year.