Chicago LOSERS Of The Week (PHOTOS, POLL)

05/29/2010 02:10 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

We cover a lot of city and state politics here at HuffPost Chicago, which makes it SO easy to find losers every week. At the same time, the losers in city and state politics are often the same people week to week. We are trying to keep it fresh, so know that while we do acknowledge repeat losers--sometimes repeat offenders won't make the list. That said, check out this week's crop of losers. The winners can be found here.


Ron Huberman

Things that are uncool: Paying administrators six figures while denying sports programs to high school students, forcing teachers to have 35 students in a classroom and expecting them to do their jobs properly. Yes, there is a budget crisis--but why is it always the students and teachers that have to pay? It's time for the top to feel the burn a little.

The Illinois House Of Representatives

Remember the time state lawmakers approved a budget that relies on borrowing and not paying bills to schools and organizations? That was this week. While some feel that avoiding a tax hike and approving this sad excuse for a budget plan will keep their constituents happy--they need to think again.

Chicago Drivers

Traffic is a hot mess. Seriously. Between the construction, the holiday weekend and everybody and their brother wanting to get out of the house--the roads are a nightmare citywide. This could be a blessing. Time to bust out the bike or take a long walk. The sun will do you good.

Will County

Good news: the man responsible for the Will County murder of 3-year-old Riley Fox has been charged--and was already in jail. The bad news: Will County JUST issued an apology to Riley's father, who was originally charged with the crime despite a serious lack of evidence. The Chicago Tribune's Eric Zorn summed it up: "This passage jumped out at me considering the time line (right): Charges dropped based on DNA evidence nearly five years ago. Federal jury award to Melissa and Kevin Fox nearly two and a half years ago. A vile miscarriage of justice inflicted on an innocent man whose daughter had been murdered and only now comes an apology?"

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