05/29/2010 09:15 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker: My First Gay Friend Died Of AIDS (VIDEO)

Carrie's best gay friend gets married in 'Sex and the City 2' but Sarah Jessica Parker says her real-life first gay friend is no longer with us, she told Towleroad.

"Matthew and I talked about it a lot because even though we were younger than some of our friends who passed away we were very much a part of the first generation of people who were really affected by AIDS," she said. "It's so stunning to us how many people in our lives were lost."

SJP says she "can't imagine any real legitimate reason" not to legalize gay marriage and her costars also speak out in support.

"It's appalling that in the state of New York that we don't have the right for gay couples to marry," said Kim Cattrall. "It's really disgusting and sad because I think of New York City as such a progressive place."

Cynthia Nixon said: "We want the same things as you and right now we don't have them and that's not right. And that diminishes us and that diminishes you."

"Now Laura Bush has said that it is coming and I was very excited," said Kristin Davis. "I was very excited. I feel like if Laura Bush says that, then we're good."


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