06/02/2010 12:57 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

AP Stylebook Releases 42 New Guidelines For Social Media

The Associated Press has unveiled 42 new style guidelines for social media in the 2010 edition of its Stylebook, most notably re-classifying "website" as one word (it had previously suggested "Web site").

For the first time, the Stylebook contains a Social Media Guidelines section focused on setting journalism standards for social-media-specific language and sourcing verification. The 42 new entries refer mostly to networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter, standardizing terms such as app, blogs, click-throughs, friend and unfriend, metadata, RSS, search engine optimization, smart phone, trending, widget and wiki, according to the Associated Press.

The changes to the AP Stylebook — such as the change from "Web site" to "website" — reflect suggestions from the Stylebook's staff, readers, and users, as well as increased attention to common usage in both print and online sources.

"It was clear that 'website' has become the widely accepted usage," said Darrell Christian, AP editor-at-large.

Also new to the 2010 Stylebook are entries standardizing the use of terms such as Alcoholics Anonymous, thumbs-up, and Ultimate Fighting.