06/03/2010 12:08 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tobias Wong Dead: Apparent Suicide For Designer, 35 (LIFE PHOTOS)

Tobias Wong, a designer and conceptual artist died on Sunday in his Manhattan home at the age of 35 in an apparent suicide. The New York Times writes:

A provocateur by nature, Mr. Wong operated at the fringes of the traditional design world, creating objects like a stack of 100 $1 bills, bound in peelable glue like a notepad; a gold-plated McDonalds coffee stirrer (a riff on the company's plastic version that was apparently popular among drug users before being withdrawn); and an engagement ring with the diamond mounted upside down, so that the wearer could use it to scratch graffiti.

Wong once said, "When I do pull a prank, it's my means of sending out a conceptual idea. It's not just laughing at them."

He is survived by his partner Tim Dubitsky, his mother, his stepfather and his brother.

Check out some pictures of Wong and his work: