Harrier Jet Crash VIDEO: Watch Pilot's Horrifying Landing

06/04/2010 09:05 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Think you've got guts? Check out this pilot and his (or her?) response to this hair-raising landing-gone-wrong.

The clip films a Harrier pilot in Kandahar, Afghanistan as s/he tries to land the plane--which ultimately crashes, exploding into flames almost immediately on impact. The pilot waits a full ten seconds before ejecting her/himself out of the plane.

Commenters on YouTube praised the pilot's bravery.

"Armchair pilot here," wrote g82omio, "An ejection is not the funnest or safest thing to do, you can still be injured from the ejection process and hitting the ground. He waited until the cockpit lit up before he ejected. In my mind he did a smart thing waiting to see exactly what would happen."

WATCH: (via Gizmodo)

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