06/08/2010 01:00 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Ed Henry's Tweets: More Outraged Over Helen Thomas Than Oil Spill

Have you been making the most of your media experience by following CNN White House Correspondent Ed Henry on Twitter? This isn't something that I ever had the time or the inclination to do, but that's before Digby pointed out what a magical life he was having, here in Washington, DC!

Oh, yeah! Everyone's just sloshin' and joshin' around with Joe Biden and Rahm Emanuel, shooting each other in the face with squirt guns and doing their level best to make Eric Massa seem a lot less weird by comparison!

But then, trouble arose that threatened to tear asunder everybody's fragile relationships and cast a dark pall over the next cocktail party: Helen Thomas said some crazyfaced nonsense to a flip cam about how all the Jews in Israel need to leave and go back to Germany and Poland. So many of those people Thomas was referring to represent the world's best hope for a lasting peace process, so it was understandable for people to be upset. Henry was no exception:

Thus began an outburst, spanning some 27-odd tweets, in which Henry manifested outrage, discussed how the White House Press Corps isn't there to cover each other, and noted how soon there will be "lobbying" over who would take Thomas's seat in the press room. (Which looked for all the world like Henry was covering the White House Press Corps.) In the midst of it all, Henry posted this haughty reminder:

Oh, ho! Well, it was worth the reminder, seeing as how the "worst enviro disaster in U.S. history" didn't exactly inspire a whole lot of content from Henry:

Later he'd express, "#BP has no right to ban photos of dead animals etc. CNN and other nets are working hard in Gulf to keep shooting those very pics", and add, "Anderson did NOT buy me dinner, what's up with that? maybe if @jackgraycnn had been in NOLA..."

One would imagine that being at the scene of the Gulf oil spill might inspire a person who's willing to tweet all day about Helen Thomas to similar heights of expression. Surely there's some "reprehensible" stuff going on down there, right? Maybe someone at BP should get fired from their job for saying and/or doing some outrageous things? But I guess those thoughts got pushed aside when "Spashytime with Joe Biden" broke out.

Anyway, what's Henry up to today?

Wheeee! Now that the awkwardness in the White House Press Room has been alleviated, it's like nothing can touch Ed Henreeee!!

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