06/08/2010 11:57 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Stephen Colbert And James Carville On Gulf Oil Spill (VIDEO)

On his show last night, Stephen Colbert talked with James Carville about the Gulf oil spill, "Now James, I know you're so angry that you've pulled all your hair out, clearly. I am too!"

Colbert jokingly remarked about placing all the blame on President Obama, though Carville clearly had other targets in mind, saying, "You wanna know who to get mad at? Get mad at all of these idiots that came in and said these companies could self-regulate themselves."

Carville went on to describe the situation in the Gulf as a war, and that focus should be put on finding and tracking all of the underwater oil plumes, "How are you gonna fight the enemy if you don't know where the enemy is?"

WATCH Stephen Colbert and James Carville discuss the Gulf oil spill:

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