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California Election Results 2010: June 8 Primaries

First Posted: 06/09/10 02:07 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 05:45 PM ET

(AP/Huffington Post) The California primary elections for governor and Senate went largely as expected on Tuesday night, but now all eyes turn to what are likely to be highly contentious -- and unpredictable -- November contests in the Golden State. Still, the results were historic. For the first time, the California Republican Party nominated women to the top of the ticket in both the governor's race and the race for the a U.S. Senate seat.

Meg Whitman, the billionaire former eBay chief executive who poured tens of millions of her own fortune into her first-time bid for political office, easily won the Republican primary for California governor Tuesday, advancing to face a Democratic icon, former two-term Gov. Jerry Brown. Another wealthy businesswoman, former Hewlett-Packard Co. CEO Carly Fiorina, won the right to challenge Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer in the fall.

Those wins will kick off an election season of big-money campaigns and high drama in the nation's most populous state, pitting two deep-pocketed Silicon Valley business stars against stalwarts of the Democratic Party establishment.

See the final vote tallies below and let us know which results you were most surprised by.

California Governor's Races
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Richard William Aguirre 71,493 4.1%
Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown 1,478,752 84.1%
Lowell Darling 30,135 1.7%
Vibert Greene 41,004 2.3%
Charles "Chuck" Pineda, Jr. 71,484 4.1%
Peter Schurman 26,794 1.5%
Joe Symmon 39,998 2.2%

Bill Chambers 25,574 1.5%
Douglas R. Hughes 19,219 1.1%
Ken Miller 25,322 1.4%
Lawrence "Larry" Naritelli 38,163 2.3%
Robert C. Newman II 27,462 1.6%
Steve Poizner 461,823 26.9%
David Tully-Smith 18,310 1.0%
Meg Whitman 1,101,528 64.2%
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