Gresham Barrett's South Carolina Gubernatorial Ad Calls Candidate 'A Christian' Who 'Wont Embarrass Us' (VIDEO)

06/10/2010 09:53 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The paint had not even dried on Tuesday's primary, and in preparation for a runoff election in the South Carolina governor's race, Republican candidate Gresham Barrett has already taken aim at rival Nikki Haley in an ad.

Barrett's ad takes place at a "campaign boot camp," where Barrett tells a drill sargent that he's an "honest conservative" who will shake up Columbia.

However, the ad also calls Barrett a "Christian family man who won't embarrass us."

Nikki Haley was born a Sikh, but converted to Methodism, which fueled a race-driven diatribe by a state senator. She was twice accused of having an affair in the closing weeks of the campaign.

WATCH Barrett's new ad:

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