06/11/2010 06:29 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Meg Whitman, Jerry Brown Spar Over Governor Debates

With the primaries over, and the final field for November set, the two candidates in the California governor's race have engaged in a rhetorical standoff over debates.

Meg Whitman held a rally Thursday at the Tech Museum in San Jose where she responded to a debate invitation for October 11: "You know what I say to Jerry Brown? Bring it on."

Watch Meg Whitman accept the challenge to debate Jerry Brown:

Brown had issued a challenge earlier in the day for 10 debates. Whitman balked at the idea, saying that Brown should get 10 ideas first. (She pointed to a 48-page pamphlet from her campaign).

"She doesn't have a plan," Brown responded at a solar-panel manufacturing plant in Freemont. "She has a pamphlet. And most of it is pictures."

"The path forward is going to be honesty -- not pamphlets and consultants' scripted propaganda, but straight talk," Brown added. "Frugality, not flying around in private planes in a bubble of security guards and people protecting you every moment." He called her "probably the most wasteful campaign spender we have ever seen in the history of California, if not America."