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Megan Fox In 'Interview': I Lied About My Personality

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Megan Fox opens up to Zach Galifianakis about her private life and her misrepresentation of it in a cover story for Interview magazine.

"In the past, I've been reluctant to share any bits of truth about myself or to really let people in on my reality," she said. "So I have said some things to throw people off the scent of what's really going on in my life. So I have sort of aided the media in printing these misconceptions, which I regret."

Megan also talked about the paparazzi.

"I don't really resent being on the red carpet as much as I do having to deal with the paparazzi," she said. "The photographers on the red carpet, that's their job."

Michael Bay recently replaced Megan with Victoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in 'Transformers.'

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