There Will Be Bell: Epic Drama Meets 'Saved By The Bell' Oil Spill Episode (VIDEO)

06/11/2010 03:42 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

To any 'Saved By The Bell' fan, this mash-up was a long-time coming. The episode "Pipe Dreams" where oil is discovered under the football field at Bayside High is a memorable one, and although this video was made a couple years ago, it's now extremely topical. Mixed with the dialogue and footage from Paul Thomas Anderson's epic oil drama "There Will Be Blood," it's uncanny how well the "Saved By The Bell" plot fits.

After oil spills into the lake at Bayside High, the image of the Zach's oil-soaked pet duck is all too familiar. Maybe we should take a tip from Jessie Spano and chain ourselves to a mock derrick in protest? Any "Bell" fan knows even BP couldn't stand up to Jessie's stubborness. (Via The Daily What)