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Volunteer Divers Search For Girl Trapped After Arkansas Flash Flood

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UPDATE: The Associated Press reports that rescue workers have found a 20th body in the river. They have not confirmed if the body is that of Jadyn Basinger, or even if the victim is an adult or a child.


Volunteer and professional rescue divers are racing against time to find an eight-year-old girl still missing after a flash flood killed at least 19 people when it struck an Arkansas campground last week.

Jadyn Basinger's mother, Kerri, survived the flood, but her younger sister and father have already been found dead.

Volunteer certified divers are moving slowly across the bottom of the flooded campground, avoiding debris and sunken RVs.

According to KTHV in Little Rock, Ark., hundreds of volunteers have shown up to provide assistance in searching the flooded site.

From KTHV:

Stacey Janes is a search volunteer and explains, "When you go through and you see the slightest sign of anyone that was here just relaxing and you know trying to have a good time and vacation, you go through and you just think of what they went through. It's overwhelming."

Hope is fading that Basinger may still be alive, but rescue crews will continue to search the area until she is found, even if the news is grim.