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Brooke Hundley, Steve Phillips' Mistress: I Was Told To 'Suck It Up' After Reporting Harassment (VIDEO)

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Brooke Hundley, who is suing ESPN after being fired over her affair with baseball analyst Steve Phillips, gave an interview--her first since her suit was announced--to CBS's "The Early Show" Thursday. In the interview, Hundley accused ESPN of ignoring her complaints about Phillips' sexual harassment.

Hundley said that when she first approached a supervisor about Phillips' inappropriate behavior towards her, the supervisor told her to "get used to it," because all women at ESPN simply had to deal with these problems. She then went to female supervisors, who told her that the company culture could not be changed:

"They just told me a story about how they had been sexually harassed. It was almost as if, 'You have been officially initiated. We all have a story to tell. This is just the culture.' They never felt any responsibility to report it to anyone higher than them. They thought the best teaching tool was to tell me to, you know, suck it up."

Hundley has been accused of stalking Phillips, contacting his wife and approaching his son on Facebook, among other charges. She did not directly address the charges in the interview, but said that she regrets some of her actions:

"I got people involved who never should have been involved. I should have been yelling and screaming as loud as I could to anybody in the company, rather than going to personal family."

Hundley and Phillips were both fired last October after details of their affair became public. She said it has been impossible to get another job since news of the affair broke.

Hundley is suing ESPN for at least $15,000, claiming lost wages, emotional harm and damage to her reputation.