06/18/2010 03:19 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Video Of Man Being Booted From Alexi Giannoulias Event In D.C. Turns Into Political Fodder For GOP (VIDEO)

As North Carolina Congressman Bob Etheridge proved earlier this week, celebrities aren't the only ones who get feisty when there is a camera in their face. Now, Illinois Senate Candidate Alexi Giannoulias' campaign has become fodder for the GOP--after another videographer was allegedly roughed up at a Giannoulias event in Washington Wednesday.

According to a memo Politico obtained from the National Republican Senate Committee, a videographer at Giannoulias' rooftop fundraiser in D.C. was "physically accosted by three men from the event."

In the video, a man approaches the person filming and says, "Excuse me, this party is private, tonight...We paid for this part. Get off this part." (Scroll down for the video)

"If you want someone to come and tell me that, that's fine," the videographer said.

"It is private, leave please," said the Giannoulias supporter.

After two other men join in to ask the videographer to leave, the camera moves downward and the videographer says, "you're going to drag me out of this place?"

The NRSC issued a memo to its campaign following the incident--warning them to behave when approached by people with cameras. The memo also said those involved in the incident "appear to have been Giannoulias campaign staff members." The Giannoulias campaign, however, told the Capitol Fax blog that they had just one paid staffer at that fundraiser and that nobody in the video was a campaign staffer or a volunteer.

Republicans are hoping their candidates stay out of scuffles with videographers--or just want to capitalize on mistakes made on video by Democrats. From Politico:

The NRSC recommends that campaigns tell staffers not to insult or threaten or physically touch a videographer, and to "always be polite" with them because "your interaction is likely being recorded."

WATCH the incident here: