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McChrystal Replacement Possibilities: Candidates For General's Job Post-Rolling Stone (SLIDESHOW)

First Posted: 06/22/10 08:19 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 05:50 PM ET

Rebuked by President Obama for his "poor judgment" in a new Rolling Stone interview, Gen. Stanley McChrystal could soon resign or be relieved of his duties in Afghanistan.

Below are potential successors for McChrystal's post as the top military commander in Afghanistan. The Associated Press identified the military leaders as possible candidates for the job.

Army Lt. Gen. David Rodriguez
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Army Lt. Gen. David Rodriguez, McChrystal's No. 2 in Afghanistan. The two men were sent to Afghanistan as a package deal, with plans for Rodriguez to run the war day to day while McChrystal focused on the bigger picture. He previously served as a military adviser to Defense Secretary Robert Gates.
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