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06/25/2010 02:15 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

4-Year-Old Xiao Bao Does Amazing Michael Jackson Impersonation (VIDEO)

People around the world are taking the time to celebrate Michael Jackson on the first anniversary of his death, but few are likely doing it with as much style as four-year-old Wang Yiming.

At a mall in Hong Kong Thursday, Yiming, better known as Xiao Bao, got down to a number of the King of Pop's hits, busting out some pretty spot-on dance moves for the crowds of shoppers. He can do the full routine, right down to the moonwalk and the signature crotch grab. Then again, he's hardly an amateur: he's been dancing since he was 2-years-old, and has appeared on the "Ellen show". The Telegraph described him last month as an "international star."

Check out his moves below.

And here's a Reuters report about him from last month: