Cory Gardner Slammed By Rachel Maddow For BP Fundraiser

06/25/2010 05:37 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Just when Cory Gardner thought the frenzy over his soiree with BP Lobbyist was over, Rachel Maddow weighs in.

On Thursday night's program, the MSNBC host shredded Gardner as part of a segment on the Republican party's ties to BP.

Gardner, meanwhile, has taken to slamming his opponent, incumbent Betsy Markey, for taking special interest money.

From a Gardner Fundraising email:

"Special interests have let it be known that money will not be an object in their effort to reelect Betsy Markey. In addition to lobbyist Brian Wolff trying to save her campaign, the Apollo Alliance, an activist environmental group, is currently running a television ads on behalf of Betsy Markey. With the enormous amount of money special interests are spending to reelect Betsy Markey, defeating her is going to be an uphill battle. Will you contribute today to push back against the special interests and help me bring reform to Washington?"


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