Failed Congressional Candidate Tim D'Annunzio Says Republicans And Dems Will Both 'Take Us To Hell'

06/25/2010 07:01 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Failed North Carolina congressional candidate Tim D'Annunzio appears to be experiencing extreme emotional distress after his defeat in this week's GOP primary runoff in the state's 8th House district.

After coming up short in his bid to take on Democratic incumbent Larry Kissell in November, D'Annunzio took to his blog, "Christ's War," to express his pain.

"I am a man without a country," D'Annunzio wrote. "The numbers are in and you are found wanting. There is nothing left. It has been made void and without shape. I am a pilgrim in search of a new world."

The former Tea Party-backed contender also unleashed a fiery attack on Republicans who had previously expressed concern over his candidacy:

All the scriptural code talk aside (you know Daniel 5, Genesis 1 and Hebrews 11), the only difference between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party is the speed with which they will take us to hell.

The brakes are off - full speed ahead. They started with a set of rules and I abided by them. As always, when they saw they were losing under the rules they changed, really just broke their rules. ... They are all lawless and therefore without rule there is no civilization.

Prior to D'Annunzio's loss this week, Tom Fetzer, who chairs the North Carolina GOP, suggested that the congressional hopeful was "unfit for public office at any level" and called the prospect of him being elected "a disaster."

Since then, D'Annunzio has found himself embroiled in a messy war of words with his party and has struggled to keep his cool in fending off attacks on his character. Days before the North Carolina runoff, the former GOP candidate had a massive meltdown during a radio interview that culminated in the program's host unloading on the then-congressional contender:

"You are truly delusional. I mean, you are truly, call 911, get the straight jacket, get this guy, take away the butter knives. You are a delusional, deranged human being."

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