06/29/2010 10:29 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

John Isner Visits Letterman, Gives Longest-Tennis-Match-Ever Top 10 List (VIDEO)

John Isner made history last week in the longest tennis match ever, taking more than 11 hours to conquer his French opponent at Wimbledon. The American tennis player was not rewarded with further success at the tournament -- he was quickly eliminated the next day -- but he did not walk away from the experience empty-handed.

Isner stopped by the "Late Show" on Monday night to deliver a Top 10 list with David Letterman. The category? "Thoughts That Went Through John Isner's Mind During the 11-Hour Tennis Match."

Among the thoughts are, "Remember when I said I was exhausted? That was eight hours ago," and, "I'm asleep." Scroll down to watch the entire list.