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Bisphenol A Found In Shopping Receipts Can Lead To Impotence?

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Today in super-tenuous connections: men shopping can lead to impotence. The Telegraph reports:

Researchers have found that a chemical compound found on some till receipts contains enough of the hazardous substance Bisphenol A (BPA) to suppress male hormones in the body.

The compound--used to make ink visible on thermally sensitive paper--is ingested when men handle the paper--and then touch their mouths or handle food.

Berlin-based urologist Professor Frank Sommer told the Telegraph that, "A substance like that could shift the balance of the sex hormones in men towards estrogen....In the long term this leads to less sexual drive, encourages the belly instead of the muscles to grow and has a bad effect on erection and potency."

The substance is also found in cans and tins of food. BPA has been banned in Canada and three US states. And this is why men can't buy new clothes, run an errand for you or pick up the groceries, ladies. It's all science!

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